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The FIFA World Cup has finally returned after 4 years of wait. Get together with your best pals and book a stay at one of the Suites at Hotel Lisboa in order to enjoy this Snack Platter with delicacies and beverages package, to catch and witness each gold kick in the World Cup matches.


For guests staying at Hotel Lisboa can select the following platters through In-room Dining services:

World Cup Snacks platter (Big) MOP $240 /pc (for 4 pax)

World Cup Snacks platter (Small) MOP $120 /pc (for 2 pax)

(Grilled Shrimp Mousse on a Stick of Sugar Cane, Assorted Satay, Buffalo Chicken Wing, Deep-Fried Chicken Spring Roll, Roasted Baby Pork Rib and Mini Beef Burger with Deep-fried Square Potato.) 


Add a little extra fee to enjoy the beverages below:


Arlaux, Brut MOP $800 / bottle


Carlsberg MOP $30 / bottle
Budweiser MOP $34 / bottle
Heineken MOP $34 / bottle
Tsing Tao MOP $30 / bottle

*Price is subject to 10% service charge

  • World Cup Snacks platter (Small)
  • World Cup Snacks platter (Big)
  • Beverages

Event Period

  • ? From 14 June – 15 July

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